Target to Remain Ahead

Since 1986, Narita Trading has foreseen the future of shopping cart needs and created Shopping Cart lines of varying sizes. Since then, we have become the largest Shopping Cart supplier and manufacturer.

There are many reasons why we are ahead of our competition. We upgrade the sturdiness and reliabilities of our carts continuously and we take pride in the appearance of our cart. Over the years, we have monitored and studied our competition to remain ahead of the game. Our tight quality control, with each shipment inspected by in house specialist, assures our customers that we put out the highest quality of Shopping Carts and other various household items. We have an improvement program to constantly design new features and redesign our old products to fix any possible flaws. More importantly, we have listened to the consumers' needs as well as our dealers' suggestions.

Over the years we have developed and eliminated all different types and sizes of shopping carts that did not cater to our consumers' needs, whether aesthetically or functionally. Now, we carry and maintain a solid line of 4 sizes of shopping carts: Super Cart, Jumbo Cart, Mitey Cart, and Mini Cart. These variations each service different communities and their everyday needs.

We have understood that more and more consumers care most for the appearance of the packaging, ease of assembly, and space saving. We have responded with our attractive heavy-duty shrink-wrap that keeps the original coating shiny and have eliminated and/or replaced parts that are difficult for consumers to install. Our folding carts are designed to take up the minimum amount of space.

Since the beginning, Narita has monitored what people use these carts for. For each application we carefully watch which parts of the cart break down the fastest. Our goal is to maintain a constant watch on these parts, provide the utmost support for them, and redesign them when necessary. Because of this, we consistently manufacture and supply better Shopping Carts that last ten times longer than that of our competitors.

With the heaviest load capacities, strongest and most durable frame, as well as the sleek design and sturdy wheels, our shopping carts provide the highest quality at affordable prices. It is due to our stability, trustworthiness, professionalism, and most of all, minimal returns from the consumers that captures the attention of our dealers. It is also why our competitors constantly try to copy our designs.

Our shopping carts have become the industries standard. Many have compared our products against our competitors, and at first glance they maintain that Narita and competitor carts look the same. We have urged our customers to try other products and see the results for themselves. Dealers often return to us because they cannot deal with the constant returns from competitor carts. It is our design secret and ingenuity that keeps our carts rolling, while others keep imitating.

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